Chelsea of Raisinglane Design Works is a honors graduate of the University of Houston’s Art School, and now a freelance artist and graphic designer.

I suppose you could say I’m “right out the box,” which is ironic given my predilection for limitless creative boundaries. No wonder I’m freelance, and why clients hire me.

My rapidly expanding client base is a surprisingly varied lot – from artists and galleries – to entrepreneurs and industry.

I create identity by creating a brand with logos, website design, site development, SEO, print campaigns, posters, t-shirts, magazine covers, brochures, package design, signage and other design elements such as simple shapes and color to balance and unify a piece.

Special consideration is also given to thematic relevance to clients’ specific industry and personal style.

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and am very proud of my roots in a rapidly expanding global community that I know and love.

Chelsea Lane